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Thanks for stopping by – you’re awesome! is designed to help you learn more about tracking devices so you can pick the right ones and live a better life.

Our Mission aims to arm you with clarity and confidence when you’re about to buy a tracking device or use one.

From fitness to cars, provides the best information on the web on anything related to tracking devices. We offer buying guides, tips, resources and answers to hundreds of questions. Our goal is to help you live a better life.

We Believe That Technology Is The Key To A Brighter &  Healthier Future.

How We Help

Before You Buy

Not sure if you should buy a a product? We’ve got you covered! We answer many “Should I Buy…” and “Is This Product Right For Me?” type of questions each month.

Even though we love tracking devices, we reckon they may not always be what you need! Your pet gets lost each week? You most likely don’t need a gps collar, but a fence 🙂

Picking The Right Product is the site to turn to when you’re about to buy a tracking device. From fitness tracking to car tracking, we cover all kind of products.

All of our recommendations are done after reviewing dozens of products through our industry-expert lenses.

Our reviews should provide the information you need to select the right product for your budget and specific needs, enabling you to buy with confidence and save many hours of reseach.

Live A Better Life

Picking the right product is just the beginning! Tracking deviced and connected objects offers an infinite amount of possibilities to enhance your life.

To help you use your tracking devices to their fullest potential, we regularly create guides and epic blog posts.

You Don’t Have To Be A Geek To Enjoy Technology

Don’t worry, we’ve got answers to all your tracking device technology related questions! Not sure what to look for when making a purchase decision? We’ve got great buying guides. Feeling like you’re not using your smart watch to its full potential? We’ve got that covered too 🙂

What we really mean is that we’ve got your back whatever you may need.