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Falcon GPS Tracker


  • Simple to use, from setup to actually using tracking features
  • Free SIM card and Otterbox case included
  • Good battery life
  • Unique motion detection feature
  • Cheaper monthly plans since it uses a SIM card


  • Since it uses a SIM card, it is dependent on cell coverage
  • Unit is a little more expensive up front than some other units

Verdict : 9.25/10

The Falcon GPS Tracker is just as good, if not better, than any other GPS on the market. And considering widespread cell coverage and a pay-for-itself-in-the-long-run SIM card tracking system, you can barely even say that it has any weaknesses.

General Thoughts on Falcon GPS Tracker

The Falcon GPS tracker is different than its traditional GPS comrades, as it uses a SIM card to track the device. This is a much more cost-effective solution in the long run, with the only tradeoff being that your ability to track it is contingent on it being in an area with cell coverage. The good thing about this is that cellular technology and networks are not only widespread, they continue to grow and develop, making this less of an issue from a tracking standpoint. For this small tradeoff, you save a lot of headache in the financial department, as well as having additional software to use, whether for configuration or actual tracking purposes. With the Falcon, you use your cell phone for everything, which is great because these days, most people (I know I’m guilty of this) feel naked if they don’t have their phone on them almost anywhere they go. Additionally, the full complement of features present on the Falcon make it just as useful as any other GPS on the market, and it also includes a couple of features that few others offer, giving it that extra edge over the competition. Because of the features, cost-effectiveness, and simplicity of operation, it should be at the top of the list of anyone who is considering buying a GPS.

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Features 10/10

The Falcon is as feature-rich as any other GPS out there. You can program Geo-fences, which are imaginary boundaries. You set up these areas, and the GPS will then send you an alert if it enters or exits the area that you have set. If you have a 16-year-old on your hands, and they have a bit of a lead foot, the OverSpeed alarm is just what you need. With this, you preset a speed, and the device will alert you if that speed is exceeded. Even if they don’t get a ticket, they’ll regret putting the pedal to the metal. Live tracking mode is also convenient, in that you are able to make the Falcon notify you of its location at time intervals that you determine. This is very similar to what are called “Breadcrumbs” on other devices. The other extremely helpful feature, especially if you want to use this gps to track your kid, is the SOS button. When this is pressed, the unit will send a text message with its current location to up to 3 preset phone numbers. And last but not least is the motion detection. Did you tell your child or grandma (or possibly dog) to stay in the same place? Well the Falcon will let you know if they don’t obey. That way Rover, the kiddo and gram-gram only get a treat if they earn it.

Tracking 9/10

What you achieve with this is the ability to cut out the higher-cost middleman and replace them with a more reasonable substitute. Normally, when you pay a monthly fee for a GPS, you are paying for a monitoring service, and all of the money that they have put into their systems and software. With the SIM card-based GPS, you are basically paying for a text-only (SMS) cell phone plan.

The actual tracking function can be done by texting or calling the unit. It will then send you back either GPS coordinates, or a link that you can click on that will take you directly to a map, displaying the current location.

Ease of Use 10/10

By eliminating additional software, screens on the device, and 1200 buttons, the Falcon has become very easy to use. The 3 lights on the front of the unit tell you if the unit is powered on, if the GPS is calculating its position, and if it is sending or receiving a message. And there are only 4 buttons: a power button, the SOS button, and two buttons that will allow you to call two preset phone numbers and talk to them.

From the other end, it is just as simple. If you know how to send a text message, you can operate this tracker. Every programming command is sent via text, so you can change settings quickly and on the fly. The unit will even send you a low battery alert, so you don’t need to worry about monitoring this. And it can still be used while charging with the included mini-USB cable, and only takes 3-4 hours to charge fully, which will last you about 5 days.

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Help & Support 8/10

There is live tech support offered over the phone should you need any sort of assistance. The website has a good deal of information to help you as well, including a comprehensive user’s manual, which should be able to answer any questions you have. The unit has a one-year warranty, though as with most items like this, only the actual unit is covered. Should you have an issue with the battery, cables, or any adapters, you’re on your own.


The Falcon GPS Tracker is a quality GPS device with enough features and functions to make sure anyone and everyone who uses it is happy. The SIM card-based tracking allows you not only to pay less on a monthly basis, but to interact with the device quickly and easily from wherever you may be. If you’re looking for a tracking device, this is definitely your solution.

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