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Be able to easily locate your dog in virtually any setting with the Garmin Astro 220 Dog GPS Tracker. Called the “premier high sensitivity GPS-enabled dog tracking system for sporting dogs”, this useful tracking device definitely lives up to the big name. This GPS collar is a standard for great tracking systems, and will give you the assurance of knowing your dog’s whereabouts at all times.

Garmin Astro 220 Dog GPS Tracker

Garmin Astro 220 Dog GPS Tracker

Inside the Box

The Astro comes with the handheld receiver, wireless transmitter collar, carrying case, AC adapter, vehicle adapter, USB cable, wrist strap, belt clip, owner’s manual, and a quick start manual.


This easy-to-use, durable tracking system boasts a PIN protected receiver, seven mile range, and the ability to track up to ten dogs in even the densest cover. The handheld provides access to a barometric altimeter, electronic compass, area calculator, celestial information, and city street maps, so the product not only helps you track your pet, but also plan your day. The handheld also allows you to create a route with turn-by-turn directions and download maps. Also, as often as every five seconds, your dog’s collar communicates his location to the handheld, and the Map page shows both his current location as well as a trail of previous positions. Plus, you can go to the Dog Tracker page to see which direction your dog is from you, as well as his current status: running, sitting, pointing, or treeing. Astro’s Covey Counter allows you to mark the time, day, and elevation of where you found your prey, as well as save other important places such as the location of your car and home/lodge so that you can find your way back easily. The collar also provides waypoint icons to indicate tree stands, food plots, and other points.

These features not only make the Astro tracking system ideal for sporting dogs, it’s reliability and long range makes this the perfect collar for any dog to be able to roam free and give the owner peace of mind.

Battery Life

The Garmin Astro 220 comes with a rechargeable battery with a life of 24 hours. If you’re on the go, bring the vehicle power cable to recharge in your car. To maximize battery life, you can always slow the update rate to 10, 30, or 120 seconds. When set to 120 seconds, the battery life will increase to a full 48 hours. 10 seconds will offer 27 hours, and 30 offers 36 hours respectively. However, to change the update, you must have the collar with you, which means you will not be able to slow the rate after your dog has left.


This GPS tracking collar costs a few hundred dollars on Although this sounds like a hefty price, if you look at the many unique features above, you’ll understand why the cost is somewhat high. If the price is a problem, you can purchase a used one for significantly less cash.


The Astro collar boasts a high-sensitivity signal that can locate your dog in even the densest cover. This is one of the few GPS systems that will work well in heavily-wooded areas, and it works up to seven miles away. Plus, not only does it just pinpoint your dog’s exact location, it will show you his distance from you, direction headed, and what he’s doing.


The Garmin Astro 220 Tracking Collar is a great way to be able to find your dog. As the “industry standard”, it sure doesn’t disappoint with great aspects from every angle. Not only does it come with basic functions, but the extra features and downloadable content to enhance the user experience make this collar and handheld combination really stand out from the rest. If you are looking for an all around user-friendly product to help you find your pet, the Garmin Astro is a perfect choice.

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