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Did you know that, each year, millions of dogs go missing?. According to 15% of dog owners in the United States reported that their dogs went missing in the last five years. Many of these dog owners didn’t even report their dog’s missing because they believe it will not help the pet get found. Missing dogs isn’t the top priority of much people, so pet owners has to take the matter into their hand to protect their pet in case they go mising. Did you know that there is an affordable and efficient way to track your dog? Pet trackers are becoming more and more popular amongst pet owner and at $100-200 for one tracker, why would you risk your dog being dognapped or seriously hurt?

Garmin DC 40 Dog Tracker: Functions and Features

With the Garmin DC 40 Dog Tracker you will be able to keep track of your pet whenever they escape or are dognapped. This dog tracker comes with a ton of great features that will allow efficient track and find your dog. The price of this GPS collar cost between $150-$200.

Garmin DC 40 Dog Tracker

Garmin DC 40 Dog Tracker

Garmin DC 40 Dog Tracker Features:

  • Is 100% compatible with other Garmin DC models
  • Combination of a high frequency GPS receiver and a high powered antenna
  • Goes perfectly with any dog collar that is a inch thick
  • Comes standard with an bright orange collar that can be seen in the day or at night
  • Up to a seven mile radius for accurate tracking
  • Tracker can give you updates on their pet’s position ever 5-120 seconds
  • Rechargeable battery can last between 17-48 hour
  • All Garmin DC 40 Dog Trackers carry a 1 year warranty on all parts
  • Unique code that allows you to locate only your dog
  • Designed to resist both dirt as well as damage

Cons of the DC 40 Dog Tracker

  • GPS receiver may not be as accurate in certain terrains
  • Collars smaller than 1 inch may not fit the tracker

According to the First National Lost Pet Survey, 15% of dogs that were returned to their owners were seen wearing a collar or tagged id. This means that with this tracking device you will increase your chances of finding your missing pet. Not only can you track your dog, but other people will be able to easily identify it by its collar. This collar combines the effectiveness of a microchipped collar with a GPS system that can accurately track your dog.

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